My Thoughts for 2024

Below is our 2024 collection of “My Thoughts with Dale Van De Bogart.” We write and record these usually after a series. It gives us more time to produce better content that will bless everyone.

When we started with “My Thoughts,” we only had a laptop and a camera with a built-in microphone. It would take at least three attempts to get a good video. Now, the Lord blessed us with a better laptop, camera, and microphone normally seen in podcasts. We started to experiment with some of the backgrounds and then decided to record in our office without any backgrounds to make it more authentic.

Our main purpose with our videos is to make disciples. God laid it on our hearts back in 2018 to live out the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). This is when we started our ministry. God told me to use the vast technology gifts He blessed me with and start up a website, so we did. Then He guided me towards having a social media presence. The most popular is Facebook. We are there and growing our followers.

When “My Thoughts” started, we posted them on Facebook. God directed me to YouTube as another social media presence. Now, all “My Thoughts with Dale Van De Bogart” are exclusively on our YouTube channel. We encourage everyone to subscribe to our channel. More subscribers allow us to do more on YouTube.

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HTML NotesVideo SegmentDownload Notes - PDFPublished DateRecording Date
The Store of Corrupt BehaviorsThe Store of Corrupt BehaviorsThe Store of Corrupt Behaviors14 February 202411 February 2024
What Condition is Your Heart?What Condition is Your HeartWhat Condition is Your Heart07 February 202404 February 2024
Show You Are a ChristianShow You Are a ChristianShow You Are a Christian31 January 202428 January 2024
Living VictoriouslyLiving VictoriouslyLiving Victoriously17 January 202414 January 2024
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