Who Am I, Part 1


I hope that everyone enjoyed the opening of my blog. I only want just a short introduction as I have many stories that I would like to publish. Also, equate them with some sound biblical teaching. Let me start with a background of myself as a bowler, growing stronger as a bowler, then I will segway into myself as a born-again Christian and a Preacher/Teacher of God’s word. So, Who Am I will be in three parts.

First Coaching

You all know I started bowling when I was 6 years old and my first coach was a close friend of my Mom, Sally Martinez. She was really good like my Mom and had lots of patience. Of course, you would need to with a bunch of 6 and 7-year-olds. Sally was the mother of one of my close friends in bowling, Richard Martinez. He was like a big brother to me and I was his pesky little brother.

She coached me for about three years. Met this one guy, Gary Snyder. His dad, Al, worked at our local bowling center and taught me a few things that made me a better bowler.

Receiving Awesome Gifts

I received my first Columbia 300 bowling balls, a White Dot and Yellow Dot. Got them drilled by the local pro shop that I worked in from time to time. Started to get much better as I was averaging 165-170. At 13 years old, I decided to become a professional bowler.

Talked to my mom and dad about it and they spoke to a fellow bowler, Dennis Szymanski. He bowled in the PBA in the late 1960s and was one of the best at the Yuba City Bowl.

Meeting my Mentor

At that time, I was in 8th grade and did not have many friends. One afternoon, I stopped by on my way home and got an opportunity to speak with Dennis. Well, it did not turn out like I planned as he turned me down.

That did not stop me as Al Snyder told me to keep on him, every day. So, I did. every time I saw him, I would enquire, and he would tell me no! It went on for about three weeks and finally he cave in.

I found out Dennis wanted to know if I wanted it bad enough so I would not waste his or my time. Not easy to become a professional bowler. My life at the young age of 13, ceased to exist. He made arraignments for practice days and I worked at the bowling center three days a week with Al Snyder learning machine and lane maintenance. The good thing is he also arraigned for me to receive my bowling for free only on practice days.

Tough but Well Worth It!

Dennis was tough with me. He did not allow me to be around any people my age unless they bowled and he and his wife approved. He taught me all that I know about bowling. One thing we always did during practice is the same thing that I still do all these years later. We call them the three essentials of bowling practice, stay down at the line, stay behind the ball, and follow through. I really do not think that I would have been half the bowler I became if it was not for Dennis and his love for the game. He gave back what it gave to him.


Let me end part one here as I can go on and on. I try not to as they can get very long and I do not want to do that to all of you, readers. Part two will continue with growing as a bowler and a person. Come to our website and check out more of what Van De Bogart Ministries offers. Don’t forget to like and follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube Channel where you can watch our My Thoughts video series as we feed everyone God’s word and help in growing disciples.

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