After many months of preparation, the ministry will start to record and post sermons/messages from Pastor Dale. The ministry is very excited to bring the Good News of Jesus to everyone as we state, “Bringing the Word of God from the North to the South and as far as the East is to the West!

The first message, The Gifts of the Wisemen, is based on Matthew 2:1-12. It shows the Christmas season as a special time of the year. We celebrate the birth that saved humanity and accept His wonderful gift of salvation. Jesus came to us fully human and fully divine. The gifts the Wisemen brought provide significant evidence of who Jesus is and why God sent Him to us.

The second is the Christmas story found in Luke 2:1-14 and is one of Pastor Dale’s favorite stories in the Bible. Only Luke brought it out so vividly and as you will listen, there is a hero in the story.

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These two video messages are first run and still working on improvements. We wanted to get these two very important messages out to everyone for enjoyment and may everyone receive a blessing from the messages.

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