Introduction to Authentic Faith


My wonderful wife on a Sunday morning sent me this email on what is authentic faith. The word authentic means of undisputed origin. Words such as original, genuine, real, and actual are used as a substitution for authentic.

Well, it all started out with a Scripture reading from the Gospel of Mark 14:55-64. The Pharisees and the council continued to accuse Jesus of blasphemy in their attempt to have Him executed. The more their accusations rose against Jesus, the more the testimonies of others did not agree. They tried every means possible to convict Jesus and failed. The Pharisees went as far as to enlist one of Jesus’ disciples, Judas Iscariot, to turn on Him, but he gave the money back and committed suicide.

They even got an armed mob together to intimate Jesus, but he kept His cool and told His disciples the same (Matthew 26:51-54). Witnesses committed perjury and contradicted themselves (Mark 15:55-56). Consistently, they tried to convict Jesus of crimes and had no evidence to back up their statements. They failed because Jesus did the one thing we need to do every day and that is live out our lives in plain sight. For all the false accusations against Him, many people showed examples of His love and moral perfection. He showed authentic faith!

Signs of Authentic Faith

When we face persecution mostly on a daily basis, what signs of authentic faith do others see in you? People will scrutinize our lives just to find that one flaw and discredit our behavior. Is our authentic faith enough evidence to prove that we fully trust God and is it real?

Therefore, the next eight days, we will be conducting some research on the subject of authentic faith. Make sure you have your Bible and a notebook to write down some notes. I would like to have some fun with this, so I am going to take all eight of the outward marks of authentic faith and do a take from comedian Jeff Foxworthy,  “you might be a redneck if…,” I will use “you may have authentic faith if..” Click here on the link to display Day One!

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