Conclusion to You May Have Authentic Faith If…

We really hoped that you enjoyed this eight-part Bible series on Authentic Faith. Our teaching on this subject is for the purpose of educating you on authentic faith, how to improve your faith and reveal it to others. Allowing your faith to show may have a lasting effect on another person seeking hope in Jesus. Improving our faith is also good. When we accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, we got a measure of faith no bigger or smaller than anyone else’s. (Romans 12:3).

I am going to leave you with these two questions:

  1. As others study our lives for evidence that we are followers of Christ, how many of these marks do they see?
  2. What challenges and successes have you encountered as you seek to pursue a faith that is transformative and authentic?

Ask God to help you be honest with yourself when you answer these questions. He will show where you are lacking. Then make time to get yourself back on track with prayer, reading your Bible, and be with like-minded people.


In summary, if you want to change, ask God to help you, submit to Him, and then make the change. Remember, when you are lacking, it does not mean you are not a Christian or lost your salvation (James 1:5). We all get off track and we have a Lord and Savior that loves and cares for us to put us back on track. Glory be to God! Amen!

I am Dale Van De Bogart and I approve of this message!

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